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jabber.py is a Python module for the jabber instant messaging protocol. jabber.py deals with the xml parsing and socket code, leaving the programmer to concentrate on developing quality jabber based applications with Python.

The eventual aim is to produce a fully featured easy to use library for creating both jabber clients and servers.

jabber.py requires at least python 2.0 and the XML expat parser module ( included in the standard Python distrubution ).

It is developed on Linux but should run happily on over Unix's and win32.

jabber.py is released under the LGPL license.


11-2003 0.5 released

This new release includes:

02-2003 0.4 released

This new release includes:

01-2002 0.3 released

This new release includes:

01-2002 jabberpy at python10

Matthew Allum will be talking about Jabbeypy at this years python conference.
For more infomation see the 'web services' track at the Python10 website

10-09-2001 0.2 released

Many improvements including documentation, Roster funcs, iq query payload methods, SSL new and improved examples and bug fixes.


Since 0.5 release (November 2003) the project is quite dead. Though another library named xmpppy is under development since then. Xmpppy have inherited some code of Jabberpy so you can find that it's API is quite like Jabberpy's.

If anybody is interested in continue work on the Jabberpy project - please submit your patches to the maillist.


The Download directory is here here

The sourceforge project page is available here

For more cutting edge code, Id advise people to investigate whats in the cvs repository.


The pretty pydoc generated documentation;


A HOWTO document is in the works.
The presentation from the python10 conference will be here soon too.

Oreilly's new Programming Jabber covers jabberpy.

Also check the mailing lists




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